Teachable Moment: Revering God’s Name

I was sitting downstairs working on my laptop when I heard, “Good Lord!  Good Lord!” yelled several times from one of the four kids upstairs playing Wii. 

Let it go or make the most of that teachable moment?

I couldn’t let that one slide, knowing that the child who said it comes from a strong Christian home…and being full of grace that he really just wasn’t thinking about what he was saying.   Up I went, quickly trying to decide the way to approach the situation.  Not wanting to embarrass the friend or single him out, I decided to get the attention of all of the kids and frame the discussion with questions. 

Me:  Who remembers the first two commandments?
Children 1, 2, and 3 chimed in together: 
Me:  Right!  What are some examples of using God’s name in vain?
Child 1:  Ummmmm…are we allowed to say it outloud?
Me:  Ha, yes…for the purposes of this discussion. 
Child 1:  Oh my God!
Child 3:  Good Lord! 

Even as he said it I could see by his face he realized my point.  He was the same one who had been yelling it out earlier at the video game.  I grinned at him so he would know that I wasn’t there to make him feel bad or lecture him.  I told all of them that I know it’s hard to remember to think before we speak, but that we, as Christians, need to be careful about how we use God’s name. 

Me:  Are you talking to or praising God when you say “Good Lord” while playing a video game. 
All 4:  No.
Me:  What about when you are think you are about to be in a car wreck?  Is that using God’s name in vain or are you really talking to God?
All 4:  Really talking to God. 
Me:  Right! 
Child 1:  Plus, there are other things we can say like, “Holy Guacamole!” 

That ended us all on a good laugh! 

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You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. 
Exodus 20:7



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