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Encouraging Teachers with a Back-to-School Surprise

Does your child know that she can encourage her teacher(s)?

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Encourage one another and built each other up.”

Why not have your kiddo help create a back-to-school surprise for each of her teachers?

Here’s what we came up with and have enjoyed doing for several years…

  • We found these cute people magnets at Mardel in store or online for just $1.50 each (price may vary).
    They can also be found HERE and HERE on Amazon.
  • We discussed clever ways to word the notes and have stuck with the wording pictured below.
  • Then, we make and tie on the tags.
  • Most importantly, we pray for each of the teachers by name and discuss how the kids can be an encouragement to their teachers all year long through their actions, words, attitudes, and continued prayers.
  • Finally, each of my kiddos puts them with their backpacks to take on the first day of school to give to their teachers.teacher 2


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Meaningful Christmas Teacher Gift Idea

One year I was trying to think beyond the normal trinkets and gift cards for teacher gifts and stumbled upon this idea.  What teachers wouldn’t love knowing that the gift of education has been given in their honor for needy children across the world?  The World Vision ”catalog” offers a variety of options for different budgets.  If you’re like us, it’s still more than we normally spend for a single teacher.  So, we decided on a budget for all the teachers combined, chose the item(s), printed out descriptions of the gift item(s)from the website, and made Merry Christmas notes that money was given in their honor toward the item(s).  We got wonderful responses from the teachers.  They were so touched and grateful for such a thoughtful and meaningful gift in their honor.


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