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Thumb Suckered into a Teachable Moment

This momma friend of mine thought to head to God’s Word when faced helping her 5 year old son break his habit of thumb sucking at bed time. 

William stopped sucking his thumb a couple months ago cold turkey and recently started again. I have let it slide, but tonight we had a long talk about it. I asked, “Why do you need to suck your thumb?”  He said, “I always do.  I need to when I hold my lovey.”  I said, “Well, let’s put lovey away.”  He said, “No way.”  So I got his children’s Bible out his god parents got him and read a few passages on frustration, temptation, and doing the right thing even when you don’t want to.  And guess what?!   He is sound asleep with no thumb.

PS – I have already received a question about why I don’t agree with thumb sucking.  So, let me be clear.  I personally have no opinion on thumb sucking.  The point of this blog was not about the thumb sucking, but about going to God’s Word for whatever your situation might be.

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