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Generational Sayings- My Mom Said it…Now I am!

“Whoa, did that just come out of my mouth?!  I sound like my Mom!”
Can you identify?  Sometimes that can be good or bad!

Thankfully, I had an AMAZING mom who had lots of nuggets of wisdom!
I’m grateful for the ones that stuck and am excited to share them with you.
Scroll through this link to read about these sayings and feel free to adopt the ones you like…I certainly have!

  • “Adapt”
  • “Blame it on me!”
  • “If you can’t sleep, just rest.”
  • “Just smile and be nice.”
  • “We don’t hate, we strongly dislike.”
  • “You’re too pretty to…”

What generational sayings do you find coming out of your mouth?
If you think of any that are blessings to you, be sure to thank your mom this Mother’s Day!

If you didn’t have the privilege of a mom saying things you would want to repeat, remember that you are a new generation!  You have a chance to start fresh with your kids!  Don’t look back and regret…look forward and be the change!

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.
Proverbs 31: 26

Yup, that’s my beautiful Momma and me in 1975.  She had  when she was 41 and my siblings were 16 and 13!  With kids close to those ages now, I can’t imagine starting over.  She always said I kept her young.  😉




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Mothering with Scripture

Mothering with Scripture…
that sounds lovely, doesn’t it?!

But how do we go about that in our daily lives in practical ways?

My mom did this beautifully and set the course for me knowing how to mother with Scripture.

She fed herself.
I would often catch glimpses of her with her Bible and prayer journal. Her life exuded the love of Christ and I knew that was from her close daily walk with Him. I am certain that is where she drew her wisdom as a mother.

She fed me.
A favorite, consistent memory of growing up was bedtime. Mom made precious daily investments by reading me Bible stories, age-appropriate devotions, memorizing Scripture, and praying. I can’t understate the significance this had in establishing my own daily walk.

She used daily examples to tie in Scripture and point to God.
God wasn’t just something she checked off the list after her devotional. She walked with her best friend, Jesus, throughout the day. When a teachable moment popped up that reminded her of something from the Bible, she would share it with me or whoever happened to be around. She had such a sweet spirit that this wasn’t obnoxious, but made others want to grow closer to Jesus.

She exemplified turning to God through prayer and seeking His Word in tough times.
When she said she would pray for us, we KNEW this was true.
When life hit hard, she would share what God was teaching her and what verses were meaningful.

Was she perfect? No. She would be the first to humbly admit her need for God’s grace. Just another thing that made her life so beautiful.

I’m ever grateful for the legacy she left. She certainly blessed those who knew her and I hope she inspires you, too.

Thankful that my daughter was into “tea-time” and inspired this sweet outing that ended up being our last Mother’s Day together (2009) this side of heaven.

Mothering with Scripture

There was never any doubt in my mind when I was writing Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments, that I would dedicate it to her.  Take a look at the dedication page and flip through to be inspired with more ideas for mothering with Scripture.  Many of the “Parenting Tips” are things she did with me.

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