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Teachable Moment – Sin can grow like a weed!

I love hearing stories of what Parenting with Scripture looks like in other families!  My dear friend, Amy Henderson, gave me permission to share this one with you…

“Teachable moment! We’ve seen an increase in tall weeds in nearby pastures and open fields. You know the weeds that grow real tall and have the big round purple pom-like flowers on top? Well, one day my daughter, Allie, (5 years) was talking about those “pretty” flowers. That started a discussion that even though they are a seemingly pretty flowers, they are really weeds.
The weeds wore the flower as a disguise to make it look like they were good. I shared that sins are like weeds that often grow really quickly. They can squeeze out the life around it. We saw that when those weeds grew quickly, they multiplied quickly too and you could no longer see the grass or any of the vegetation underneath them. I said it was important to cut down those weeds before they get out of control because then it becomes increasingly harder to manage them. Similarly, sin can grow out of control if we allow it. When we tell a lie, sometimes we tell another lie to cover the original lie and then the untrue story grows bigger and bigger and out of control and quickly becomes a mess!  That’s why it’s so important for us to confess our sins, choose the truth, and avoid sin. This illustration made such a big impression on Allie that she shared with her brother Mason (9 years) and asked me to tell him about the weeds too. It was a great visual teachable moment and anytime we all see weeds now, we think of sin and it’s impact on our lives.”

Way to “capture” a teachable moment! 

purple weed

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