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Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments

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This book should be in every family’s library – it’s just that good. Parenting with Scripture is not a book you read just once, but one that you will turn to many, many times in your parenting journey. Look up a topic for a list of pertinent verses, discussion and parenting tips. As time goes by, you will absorb these and they will become part of who you are as a parent.

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“There is no manual for raising children!” Actually, there is – the Bible. How do you make it practical for children? I recently read Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments, by Kara Durbin. Ms. Durbin begins with explaining, and giving examples of teachable moments. The topic section is my favorite. After defining the topic, she lists several verses/passages. These could be used for copywork or memorization. Each topic has a list of discussion questions. So now you have discussed the topic. What does it look like “in real life?” That’s where “Take Action” comes in. Her book also contains 15 fabulous verses to memorize with your child, and a cross-reference index. This book is a great way to begin using the manual given for raising children – the Bible.

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I love books that help me learn to better bring my children up to know and love God and to obey and love His Word. This book is a great tool to help you guide your child through those teachable moments where you can show your child the application of God’s Word. The book is laid out in a user-friendly manner so you can find the topic that your child is struggling with and then choose a verse out of the list of scriptures that applies to those certain behaviors. There are at least 15 for each behavior, ranging from the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, all the way to the Fruit of the Spirit. I think that what will best work for me and my children (3 years and 1 year) is to have them memorize a verse with me and then look for applications to that verse throughout the week or weeks that we focus specifically on that verse.

This book is going to be a wonderful tool for me over the years. I know I’m just now hitting some of those milestones but even the choice to throw a fit or to choose a cheerful heart is one that we can most certainly relate to, among others. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift for a young mom. There have been so many times that I’ve needed just a little bit of guidance in order to frame my heart to address the big issue of a situation and this book is it. I love how Kara says that it’s okay to use her book for the Scripture (and that she doesn’t take it out of context and lets you know if it’s part of a bigger story than just a Proverbs), but she says to make sure that your children see you reading the Bible so when you are discussing it, use your Bible or theirs. I also liked her idea of giving your child a Bible and underlining the verses in it that they have memorized. She said she did it when she was younger and it has become a priceless treasure for her. I know my oldest son would love that. Plus it gets him familiar with the Bible passages. So if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift, grab this book!

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This book has become indispensable in my house! We have tried for several years to connect God’s word to behaviours we exhibit, both good and bad. That means a lot of time looking up verses and a lot of times I say “God tells us in His word…….” but I can’t remember the exact verse. This book makes it quick and easy to find verses that relate to everything from sharing, to anger, to compassion, to honesty, to so much more!

Before you start thinking this is just a compilation of Bible verses, let me fill you in. Each quality includes a definition to begin with so that you and your children really know what the word means. This is especially important for little kids. Then there are several Bible verses that include the quality. This is followed by a few discussion questions and then a Take Action section that encourages you to do something with what you have learned. Then there are parenting tips for both young and older children. This is followed by a listing of any related topics that are also in the book so you can cross reference them.

The design of the book lends itself to topical family Bible studies. We used the Family Character Assessment from We Choose Virtue to identify our weak spots and started studying from there using this book as a resource. It has really helped me to lead my children and myself towards more biblical behavior.

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I love this book. I don’t like very many parenting books because they can be such a beat down but this book is so refreshing. Perhaps because it uses the Bible instead of quotes from famous parents. There are so many reasons I love this book.

First up, it is topic based, alphabetically so if you are in frantic state needing assurance immediately you can quickly locate the chapter on, say, “Stress.” The first page of each chapter starts with a definition of the word then followed by the quoted scripture. The second page has discussion points, take action suggestions, a parenting tip, and ending with related topics if you need to read more.

The second part of this book I love is what comes after the topics: Scripture Appendix, giving you a quick list of Be Attitudes, 10 Commandments, etc; 15 Fabulous Verses to Memorize, memorization methods for all ages of children, and how to pray scripture for your children.

This book should be on every parent’s bookshelf! So go visit the publisher’s website and buy your copy today.

Thank you to Moody Publishers for a complementary copy of this book.

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Parenting with Scripture is literally the best way to describe this book. Ms. Durbin takes scripture and teachable moments for parents to use as a reference. She does a great job at using situations that could come up in a child’s life and using verses to help guide the child on his/her path of faith. She recommends that parents use this for children two years old and up. Heck I’m sure that if I gave my mom this book she would use it for me 🙂

Ok I’ll admit, upon first starting to read this book, I felt an immense amount of guilt. I was thinking my goodness I’m an educator and I haven’t thought of using scripture to teach my kids in moments that they need it most. Thank goodness Kara Durbin thought to write a book for parents, because I don’t think I would have thought of this on my own. I’m not very good at memorization, so having scripture at the tip of my fingers when a teachable moment occurs is great. This book is a great reference book, read it through once, but always have it on hand for that moment you need a verse to help you parent your child in a Godly way. I should note that there is a section of verses that Ms. Durbin highly encourages the reader to memorize. I plan on do that! So if you’re a parent of a two year old or a sixty-three year old pick this book up. *This book was given to me via netgalley for my honest opinion and I honestly did.

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