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Helpful Resource & Big Change

Hello, dear readers!

I am writing to let you know about a . . .








Helpful Resource:
All 232 of my posts are categorized on the bar to the right side of the blog page.
I hope you’ll keep this in mind as you look for ideas and helps with parenting through Scripture.
Maybe take a scroll through and familiarize yourself with the variety of topics.

Big Change
Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been tapering off the frequency of posting.  There are a couple of reasons.

The major reason is that we are full fledged into the teenage world at my house and I don’t feel it’s appropriate to air our current teachable moments on social media.  I want my kids to know that my motives for parenting them are sincere, not just for another blog post.  And, I don’t want them to worry that what they are going through will be available for all the world to see.

The second reason is that between the book and the blog, I’m plum out of new ideas…especially since I don’t feel it’s appropriate to write about my current parenting.

Because of this season, I’m not sure how often (or ever?) I will be posting in the future.
But, I couldn’t leave with out a BIG….

THANK YOU for reading my blogs, buying my book, and recommending my book and blog to others!  Please continue to do so!  You are an integral part of helping spread the blessing of ideas for parenting with Scripture to other families!  I am ever grateful for you and pray that our Heavenly Father will bless all our efforts in parenting through His Powerful Word to reach the hearts of our children through our daily lives (Deut. 6:6-7).  To God be the Glory!

With love,

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6 Resources to Help you Keep Current in your Christian Parenting

What do you do when your child/teen wants to watch a movie or read a book that you aren’t sure about?
How do you keep current with what your child/teen is being exposed to culturally?
What are my favorite websites for Christian parenting help or Christian content in general?

I’ll share my favorites and would love to hear yours!

This Focus on the Family resource is my go-to whenever I’m not sure about the something my kids want to see or read.  I appreciate that after the general review, it gives a break-down of questionable content.  That way, I can make an informed decision rather than just “judging a book by it’s cover” or hearsay.

Keeping up with the times:
This newsletter has been invaluable to me as I get a weekly heads up on what’s hot, current social media trends, music, etc.  It comes from a Christian perspective and often gives suggestions of how to dialogue with your kids about the topics.  It helps me not be “as” clueless.

Parenting advice:

This wonderful site categorizes parenting helps by age and by topic.  That way, you can quickly narrow down what you are looking for or just browse to do some “continuing ed” type training for your parenting skills.  I also recommend subscribing to the weekly newsletter.  You will get links for timely articles, helpful tips, and nuggets of parenting wisdom.

Shameless plugs…
Topical Bible verses for parents as dilemmas pop up –
Of course the best advice comes from God’s word!  That’s why I compiled topical verses into a quick and easy to use (only 2 pages per topic!) reference.  Hopefully, the combination of Scripture, discussion questions, take action ideas, and parenting tips (that I gleaned from watching other godly parents) will help you with those tricky teachable moments!  The beginning of the book gives you a simple how-to guide for creating and capturing teachable moments.  Grab your copy of Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments to help you bring more of God’s Word into your daily lives.

“Categories “list down right side of PWS blog –
I certainly never claim to be an expert on parenting…quite the opposite!  I’m learning and praying as I go just like every other mommy!  However, since I’ve blogged about a wide variety of topics, you might find what you are looking for by scanning down the categories list that runs down the right side of my blog page at I’m type A, so it’s quite a drilled down way to quickly look at what topics I’ve covered. 

Christian Media Resource:
Many churches, including mine, are using this site as our digital library.  It is an understatement to say that it’s a wealth of media for equipping  Christian families and Christian programming for kids.  Click on the link and watch the 1 minute video to learn more.  Pass it along to your church staff if you think your church would be interested, and so that your church families can be blessed by access to it.   


Hope you find this list of resources as helpful as I do! 
I’d love to hear your “go-to” sources.   Please share!



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Can “50 Shades” be a teachable moment? You bet…for older girls AND moms!

Because of some of the sensitive wording in yesterday’s post, it seems that filters kept most people from receiving the e-mail version.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to read my thoughts on the whole “50 Shades” issue.


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Coming Soon!

Please pardon the interruption. This is a test post that was created so that we can do some testing on a great new blog feature that is coming soon!

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Organized Tips & Summer Fun Ideas!

Now that I’ve been blogging ideas about parenting with Scripture for a year and a half, I realized I needed to organize the information for easier access.  On the blog page of my website,, you will see a “Categories” section. Under that, you will find all the topics that I have written about filed in their appropriate places.  I’m hoping that when you need help on a topic, this will be one of your “go-to” resources.  And, you may just enjoy browsing through the list and reading some parenting with Scripture tips you might have missed. 

One of the categories I thought I’d highlight because of the timeliness is the Summer Fun Series I wrote last year.  Look under the topic of “Seasons” and click on “Summer Fun Ideas.”  Or, use this direct link-
As you scroll down, you’ll see ideas for:
*Media with Scripture
*Good Deeds Day
*Playing with Scripture
*Praying with Scripture
*Cooking & Snacking with Scripture
*Singing with Scripture
*Vacationing with Scripture

 Happy Summer! 


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Back in business!

Howdy, folks!  Looks like I’m back in business, now that my website has been re-created after the crash.  The most significant thing that was lost was the majority of the e-mail distribution list for my blog.  If any of you had friends who were on it that aren’t getting it, please let them know to go sign up again.  And, if you FB/Twitter folks were also on this, please go sign up again.    Thanks for your help with this.  The weekly ideas for parenting with Scripture will resume either this Monday or next.  Another thing I’m going to be working on is categorizing past blogs.  That way, when you want to find something quickly on a topic, you’ll be able to!  I’ll be sure to let you know when that’s done. 

I'm back


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Pardon Our Progress

PLEASE PARDON OUR PROGRESS. We are currently working on restoring our website after a hosting server crash. While some pages are working, others are still in progress. Please check back soon.

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Note to e-mail subscribers…

Happy New Year!  My computer decided to send today’s post without my permission before it was complete! 
To see the full post, please click here.   🙂

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Parenting Tool Belt Addition: Talking to Our Smiles…

Apologies if you’ve already received this.  Final kinks being worked out with e-mail distribution lists from new website.   Hoping you only one of each update from now on!  Thanks for hanging in there with me through the multiple e-mails as we figured it out!  

Don’t you just love it when you are reading a good fiction book and you glean an unexpected nugget of  wisdom?! This excerpt, from the Dearest Dorothy series that I absolutely adore, perfectly portrays a situation typical to those of us who have young daughters. I can totally see this happening at my house and am glad for another tool in my parenting tool belt for how to approach times like this. Read on to add to your tool belt! 

From DEAREST DOROTHY, HELP! I’VE LOST MYSELF by Charlene Ann Baumbich, copyright (c) 2004, by Charlene Ann Baumbich.  
Used by permission of Penguin, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

Not many people talk to their smiles, but Dorothy had talked to hears ever since the day her mother, who had had it with her nine-year-old’s, strong-willed contrariness, had steered her by the shoulders into the bathroom and stood her before the mirror above the sink. “Dorothy Jean, take a good look at that face. What do you see, child?”

“I see a girl who does not want to wear her dumb blue dress to church today,” Dorothy said with a humph of finality. “Look at me! I look perfectly fine in my pink sweater and dungarees,” she proclaimed, her face pinched into a wad of storm.

“Child of mine, you look perfectly fine in your birthday suit, too, but you’re not wearing that to church today either.”

“Oh, yes I am. I’m always wearing my birthday suit. But usually nobody can see it because I’m wearing clothes over it.”

Ethel tucked her lips inside her mouth, damming a torrent of sharp words ready to burst out of her. She stared at her daughter’s set face, then watched her cross her gangly arms across her chest, clearly reveling in her last statement, which was, at its root, inarguable-and they both knew it. Ethel had long ago learned, however, that neither diatribing nor debating would move Dorothy Jean toward Ethel’s intentions. No, you had to beat Dorothy at her own strengths, and that took prayer, creativity and unending patience. While Ethel engaged in mental gymnastics, she mindlessly crossed her arms against her chest as she studied her own midlife face in the mirror, as if appealing to it for answers. Her eyes scanned their framed reflections. Without a doubt, these two females were the shadow images of each other’s stubbornness. Lord have mercy on us both, Ethel prayed in silence.

Just then the old Register clock in the kitchen began its ten-gong pronouncement that church would begin in thirty minutes, barely enough time for them to finish dressing, pack up and get to town.

“Dorothy Jean Brown, we both look pathetic. Just get a good gander at us. I think we should talk to our smiles and try to coax them out of their hiding places. After all, if you were the pastor, would you want to look at these faces while you were preaching God’s word?”

Mother and daughter spent a few moments moving nothing but their eyes between their reflections. Pretty soon it became impossible not to giggle, which is exactly what they did.

“Look at us,” Ethel said. “Don’t we look like fine women when we smile?”

“We do,” Dorothy said, her heart erupting with love for her mother like an explosion of happy feathers.

“Let us determine right here and now,” Ethel said, resting her hands on her daughter’s shoulders, “that when we find we haven’t been smiling enough, we will talk to our smiles to encourage them, okay? We’ll talk to our smiles until they appear, so that when we look in he mirror we can smile back at them.” Ethel then leaned over and kissed the top of her daughter’s fine brown hair, her warm breath melting Dorothy’s remaining resistance.

Without another word Dorothy Jean Brown quickly changed into her blue dress, casting a hurried eye into her dresser mirror each time she passed it, just to make sure she was smiling back at…her smile.

And now, nearly eight decades later, Dorothy Jean Wetstra talked to her smile yet again, realizing it had been hiding for several days.”

Wasn’t that a delightful read?!  If you want more, check out the first book in the series.  I can promise that you’ll be hooked and enjoy escaping to Partonville through all six books!   They would be a great Christmas gifts for yourself and/or someone else.  Click on book 1 of the series below to be connected to Amazon for detailed description and ordering information.  (FYI…the excerpt from this blog came from book 3, pages 2 through 4.)

Dearest Dorothy, Are We There Yet? by Charlene Baumbich (Book 1)


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My apologies!!!

My apologies for those of you on my e-mail subscription who received 16 copies of the last post!  We are obviously still working out a kinks in the new website.  You should get two of this post…sorry again!  Hopefully by sometime next week, the issue will be worked out so that you only get one of each.  I’ll wait until then to get back to the normal routine of Monday posting.

Oh, the blessings and curses of technology!                         
Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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