Summer Fun Ideas for Parenting with Scripture!

I’m taking off from blogging this summer, but wanted to leave you with some ideas from the past to help equip you to make the most of parenting with Scripture through the summer.

If you look in my blog categories (right column on my blog page), you’ll see that I’ve categorized all the topics for easy reference.

Click on “Seasons: Summer Fun” and you will find these ideas in addition to the posts from the last three weeks.  Enjoy scrolling through and see what might be a good fit for your family’s summer.  If you’re Type A like me, you’ll even make notes on your calendar so as to be purposeful and not forget to do your favorites!  😉

  • Good Deed’s Day (a day centered on others)
  • Media with Scripture (think library day)
  • Playing with Scripture (think whipped cream!)
  • Cooking/Snacking with Scripture (think Cheez-Its!)
  • Singing with Scripture (what’s your sound of the summer going to be?)
  • Praying with Scripture (think mail)
  • Vacationing with Scripture (what’s your vacation Scripture going to be?)
  • Do you have a spiritual growth plan for your kids this summer? (maybe these ideas will get you thinking)

I’ll be popping back in a couple of times this summer to share articles that I’ve been asked to write on the topics of “Motherhood” and “Legacy” unless I decide to save them for next Mother’s Day. I’m looking forward to sharing with you how my mom and others impacted my spiritual life growing up.

And, I’ll be back to my regular Monday morning posting schedule in September (aka – when I have time to myself again!)

Happy Summer!

Summer Fun Ideas

Oh, and don’t forget that Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments could be an easy themed idea book for your summer!

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