Eating humble pie

If I had just remembered that “Pride comes before the fall” then I would have known Humble Pie would have been on the menu for yesterday. Here’s how it happened…

I spent all Thursday evening getting my ducks in a row because I would be gone all day Friday helping out my sister who was having knee surgery.  Nothing like being “off duty” for a day to bring into perspective the myriad of things moms do on a daily basis to help the household run smoothly.  I set about having everything perfectly organized so that it would go seamlessly for my hubby and kids as he did the morning routine and got them to school Friday.  I made quite the production of going through everything with Tim and making sure that he saw all my wonderful efforts to ensure the morning’s success.  I might as well have patted myself on the back!  And, here’s the big red flag that could have had “Pridefulness!” emblazoned on it…I stooped so low as to point out (in subtle ways) that he probably would have dropped the ball on some things had I not had things under such control.  Ouch!  

Friday morning comes and as I’m on the road at 4:30 AM (my sister had to be at the surgery center at 5:45 AM for prep!) I realize I’ve already messed up.  I had forgotten to lay out alternate clothes for my daughter who would be rock climbing with a friend after school.  Drat!  So much for my “perfectly” orchestrated morning for Tim.  So, I set my alarm to send him a text at a more reasonable time that morning to include instructions along with my first apology for how I had acted the night before. 

About 8:10 AM was when the whole humble pie came flying right toward my face and I realized there was nothing to do but let it smack me and for me swallow down the remains!  I get a call from Tim and ask how carpool went.  He said it went fine, but asked if Friday was indeed “free dress” day (my children go to a school where they where uniforms).   UH OH!  That e-mail earlier in the week must have said “spirit shirt day” which is distinctly different from “free dress day.”   SMACK!  With a bruised pride and choking on the pie, I profusely apologize to Tim for my error and humbly ask if he had time to run home (20 minutes), grab the appropriate clothes, and take them back to the school (another 20 minutes) before heading on to work.  Thankfully he did, as we both knew our children would not be pleased with me for this mistake.

As I sat in the surgery waiting room, it occurred to me that I not only needed to apologize to Tim, but the kids.  Mistakes happen and we all understand that.  But they had heard me pridefully going over the plan with their Daddy in a less than respectful way.  They needed to hear from me that I confessed my pride and apologized to Tim.  It was a perfect teachable moment to remind them that nobody is perfect, even Mom and Dad!   But aren’t we thankful that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and forgives us no matter what…even when we’ve got Humble Pie oozing down our faces! 

Humble Pie

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