Organized Tips & Summer Fun Ideas!

Now that I’ve been blogging ideas about parenting with Scripture for a year and a half, I realized I needed to organize the information for easier access.  On the blog page of my website,, you will see a “Categories” section. Under that, you will find all the topics that I have written about filed in their appropriate places.  I’m hoping that when you need help on a topic, this will be one of your “go-to” resources.  And, you may just enjoy browsing through the list and reading some parenting with Scripture tips you might have missed. 

One of the categories I thought I’d highlight because of the timeliness is the Summer Fun Series I wrote last year.  Look under the topic of “Seasons” and click on “Summer Fun Ideas.”  Or, use this direct link-
As you scroll down, you’ll see ideas for:
*Media with Scripture
*Good Deeds Day
*Playing with Scripture
*Praying with Scripture
*Cooking & Snacking with Scripture
*Singing with Scripture
*Vacationing with Scripture

 Happy Summer! 


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