Is welcoming new neighbors a thing of the past? Southern Hospitality Series

I grew up helping my mom deliver baked goodies to every new neighbor that moved in around us.  When you grow up with something, you tend to assume that everyone does things the same way.  Either time has wilted hospitality in general or it’s not as common of a practice as I had assumed.  I think it’s probably both.

When we moved into our new neighborhood 3 years ago, I was sort of stunned that nobody came to meet us.  In fact, the neighbor that did end up popping by with a surprise and to say “welcome” was a gal I had met at the neighborhood pool.  They lived several blocks over and had moved from out of state a few months before us.  It was fresh on her mind what it felt like to be the new kids on the block!

I now know the neighbors on our street are lovely folks!  How?  Instead of dwelling on my frustration of nobody making an effort to come meet us, I decided to turn the table.  We had been here six months and it was New Year’s.  The kids helped baked up some treats, bag them, and attach tags that said something like, “Happy to celebrate this new year with you as a neighbor!”  Then, we added our address and contact information.  The kids and I delivered them door, leaving them as a surprise for those who weren’t home.   The response was great and it helped pave the way for future interactions and friendships.

Now as new neighbors move onto our part of the block, we make our way over to meet them.  It’s not about the treats or baked goodies, it’s the thought and the welcome that count!  We just happen to enjoy an excuse to bake and the smiles that the yummies add to our greeting.

And, it’s never too late!  We weren’t sure when a family moved in at the end of our block.  We has seen the “For Sale” sign come down, but never saw anyone moving or people coming and going.  Months went by and we finally decided we would just go down and knock.  Now it’s a year later and they are our best friends on the street!

Hope this encourages you to reach out to those neighbors around you, old and new.  Otherwise,  you might be missing out on giving and receiving blessings! 

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Practice hospitality.  Romans 12:13b


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Or, share a meaningful way you were welcomed.

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