Prepping to Parent with Scripture Through Lent

I did not grow up in a denomination that observed Lent and it is still not a focus in the denomination we attend today.  However, because I could see the value in observing it as a way to prepare for Easter, I decided to find ways into incorporate Lenten traditions into our parenting.  These are the ideas and resources that have been helpful and become special to our family.   This year, Lent begins on Wednesday, February 13th.  Since that’s coming quickly, I wanted to go ahead and post this blog in case you want to have the materials ready for your family. 

Lenten Coloring Calendar – Particularly when my children were younger, this calendar was useful and fun in helping them understand the time frame for Lent.  See the website listed and click on the link above the same picture on that blog to download a printable.

Tree –
Our favorite tradition is the Lenten Tree.  It works well with young children because of the tactile/visual aspect and has continued to be a blessing to our entire family as the children have grown.   The main resource needed for this is the book, The Lenten Tree: Devotions for Children and Adults to Prepare for Christ’s Death and His Resurrection, by Dean Lambert Smith.  There are separate devotions for adults and children for the 40 days, and each devotion theme has a corresponding ornament option .

Simple Ornaments Idea – This book can be used simply as a devotion, but to make it more interactive for the kids, there are ornaments to represent the Bible theme for each day.  A simple way to create the ornaments is to photocopy the graphic on the title page for each day’s devotional (see picture below).  Cut them out and let your children color them.  Then punch a holes in them and hang with ribbons or yarn.  If you want to keep these, consider laminating them.


Ornament Swap Idea – A more elaborate version of ornaments for the tree involves an ornament swap with friends to collect the 40 different ornaments needed (such as the wooden key chain fish in the picture above).  For more information on the swap, see my post from last year.

Tree Ideas – Natural branches from outside and secured in a large vase would be lovely.  Or, you might have a small version of an artificial tree from Christmas that you could use.  If not, this wooden tree that we purchased is inexpensive and does the trick!


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