Parenting with Scripture: Olympic Style – 2014

We Durbins are not a normal sports family.  Instead of the typical team sports, my daughter takes mounted archery (archery on horseback) and my son is obsessed with Karate.  He considered a two hour flag football clinic as having “played football.”  Why would he need to join a team?  He explained he had already “done” that sport!  We usually only watch championship games on TV, if that, and I don’t even know what station number ESPN is!   Gasp!  I know this would be sacrilege to many families. 

However, we are NUTS when it comes to the Olympics!  Our calendars have been blocked off for those two weeks (Feb. 7 – Feb. 23) for months to make sure we don’t schedule anything extra so we can enjoy as much viewing time as possible!  As the media hype mounts, Tim has been frequently reading us articles and tidbits of info to prep us for who’s who of the different events. 

Since we will be spending our evenings with the Olympics as a constant, we plan on incorporating it into our evening family devotional times.  Each day, we will pick an event to focus on and watch to see which country wins.  We won’t repeat a country.  So, as the days pass, we’ll go down the ranking until we reach a new one.  Then, we’ll find the country on the globe or map, look up facts about the country, and pray for the people there.  We will be using this awesome resource, but Google works as well. 

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Instead of sharing one related verse, I thought I’d pass along this list of verses about “all nations”:


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