New Beginnings, not Resolutions Series – Scripture Memory

Watch this and tell me you aren’t inspired…and have a smile on your face!   (Click on picture to connect to the YouTube video.)

Abby Psalm 23

This video went viral about 7 years ago.  I happen to know this sweet little girl!  She is one of my best friend’s daughters as well as one of my daughter’s best friends.   I want you to know that though this video is precious, there is nothing extraordinary about Abby or her mom.  (Sorry, Julie!)  What I mean by that is, she’s a normal little girl with a normal mom.  The difference is that this mom took time to teach her three year old a passage of Scripture. 

Did you catch the key phrases in that last sentence? 

Took the time. 
A three year old. 
A passage of Scripture…not just a verse. 

What I think this exemplifies is that we too often underestimate what we and our children are capable of. 

Whether Scripture memory is a new beginning for your family or this is just some encouragement to keep going, here are some suggestions that I hope can be helpful. 

15 Fabulous Verses to Memorize
These are the Scriptures that I find most useful in teachable moments that pop up.  It’s a great place to start so you and your child will have them on your hearts when the opportunities arise to refer to them.  Click on picture to link to the free printable download.

15 Fabulous Verses to Memorize
(If link isn’t working, this is available for free on the “Downloads” section of .  It’s also in the back of Parenting with Scripture.)

Memorization Methods –
These include techniques for toddlers through teens.  Click on picture to link to the free printable download.

Fun Memorization Methods
(If link isn’t working, this is available for free on the “Downloads” section of  It’s also in the back of Parenting with Scripture.)

Where else can you find verses to memorize?

– Find verses from topics you frequently deal with using Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments.

– Ask your child’s Sunday School teacher or your Children’s Minister.

– If your child goes to a church preschool, ask if their curriculum has verses that goes along with it.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.  Psalm 119:105

I have hidden your word in my heart…  Psalm 119:11a


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