Lunchbox Fun…Prepare for Back to School!

School is quickly approaching so I thought I’d share this idea for parents who like to be prepared!
My kids love finding fun notes or pictures from me in their lunchboxes, but it gets challenging to be creative.
I stumbled upon this gem in the Focus on the Family Visitor Center’s Bookstore when we were passing through Colorado Springs last year and my kids have given it a thumbs up!  Each perforated page contains jokes, riddles, or tongue twisters, a Bible verse, and a section to handwrite a note.  So that we don’t consume them as quickly, I only pull two pages a week and send them one day with each kid and then swap them the next.

Laughs for Lunch by Bob Phillips
Click on picture to see Amazon link…(because it’s out of print, only limited new/used (make sure not consumed) copies are available.)

Please share your ideas or resources for making your child’s lunch box experience special/memorable! 

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