Internal Beauty

“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. ”  1 Samuel 16:7b

This idea comes from the topic “Beauty” in Parenting with Scripture.  The children draw pictures of themselves and writes ways they are internally beautiful on the inside.   Then, discuss attitudes or actions that need a “make-over.”  (I had to explain the concept of a make-over to my kids.)   The children write these on strips of paper and attach them to their hands.  Pray together that God will help the children with their internal make-overs.  Post the pictures on the fridge as reminders. 

PWS - Beautiful Me

This has been a blessing for us because the children were the ones to come up with the areas they needed to work on.  So, instead of me badgering them about “kumplaning” or “timper towrd brother,”  I could just point to the fridge or gently remind them of the make-over.

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